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Bijan Estate Bidding War

After the famous menswear and fragrance designer’s death in April of last year his Beverly Hills estate hit the market in June at a whopping $11,995,000.

It’s been reported that in addition to great local interest, several of the serious Buyers interested in the sale of the Bijan estate are wealthy fans from overseas and are part of the Persian community. This comes as no surprise that many of his fans are still located in Bijan’s birthplace of Iran, even though he left to come to Los Angeles in 1973, because it’s known that he was one of few Iranians in the media spotlight who was still permitted to enter Iran.

What was unexpected was that several of his wealthy fans would take such interest in acquiring more than just his estate but are looking to purchase a complete life-size collection of late designer’s work and personal life.

The appeal of the interior of the home is that it’s been decorated with his trademark monochromatic-primary color schemes and was done by Bijan himself. Many have been inquiring about buying the entire contents of the house including the several hundred press cover photos hanging on the wall, the art collection and most importantly the chandelier completely comprised of Bijan’s trademark cologne bottles. But it doesn’t end there, several potential buyers have also inquired about the very expensive custom cars that Bijan designed which include a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Bugatti Veyron. David Kramer and Brenda Chandler Cooke of the famed Hilton & Hyland who represent the sale of the property, have suggested that the interest in what would be a wildly expensive personal collection could lead to a bidding war that would guarantee the sale of the estate will include the contents of the home.

Although the sales of high-end luxury homes in Los Angeles remains mostly unaffected by slumping housing market and the poor economy it is still a rare occurrence, even with other estate sales of famous late owners, where Buyers are racing to increase the price tag by such a large amount. What is possibly making this sale so unique is that the majority of fans looking to collect this estate and its contents are International money, who more often than not luxury homes of this caliber tend sell to.

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